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Grinding Concrete - Making Old Concrete Floors Look New

grinding an old industrial concrete floor Concrete grinding is the quickest way to fix your concrete flooring imperfections. Whether you're dealing with an unlevel floor, cracking, chipping, peeling, crumbling or just a horrible looking concrete finish, grinding concrete is the most affordable way to repair a damaged ugly concrete floor. When you think of concrete grinding, you think of just a cleaner version of your old floor, but things have changed. Now you can literally make your floor look like expensive tile and even solid stone with the right combination of grinding, polishing and concrete coloring. Our contractors are the most affordable concrete grinding concrete polishing professionals in your area, and they're more than happy to come out and give you a free expert analysis of your concrete grinding and polishing needs.

Do you have a large outdoor concrete patio or industrial concrete work surface that has become damaged by the sun? Chances are when they poured your concrete years ago the sealer they used was still in it's experimental stage, sealers, colors and grinding can turn plain old concrete floors into a work of art. Our contractors can grind off a layer of the old dirty crackling concrete, and properly treat the newly exposed concrete with modern sealers. Remember, the sealers that our contractors use today are up to 10 times more effective at sealing your concrete floors than anything they had 15-20 years ago.

You don't need to repour a new slab of concrete over the old one, most times a simple grinding will freshen up the look of your concrete substructure, and you will also be able to remove all the imperfections from a bad concrete surface finishing job. You can't rent the true professional equipment, and you would be crazy to try and start up one of these high powered machines without training; one mistake and an 800 pound runaway machine will dig a nice crevice 1 inch deep, and then you can forget about the look of your floor. Our contractors have the experience with these big machines and can use their powerful motors to change the look of your concrete surface. Call a professional and find out what your options are, Grinding Concrete is not a do it yourself project, and can become very dangerous to you and your floor.

removing mastic glue from concrete When it comes to colors, you won't believe the spectrum, no more plain concrete or gray, your local GCC can actually show you a variety of nice concrete coloring dyes and stains which you can use to match any décor or design. You will truly be amazed at the transformation of your old concrete floors after a simple and quick grinding, the surface really does look like a newly cured slab, but this time it will look correct and be properly sealed. Industrial, Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Retail and Restaurants, we can turn those ugly dirty concrete floors into a fresh looking surface. Stop thinking that concrete needs to be covered with something, concrete grinding allows you to use the existing floor AS the floor itself. When it's finished, it won't look like concrete, that's how far the industry as come along. Did I forget to mention how much money you can save, why spend more when you already paid for the floor that's there? Call today for a free expert analysis and estimate of your concrete floor grinding and polishing project, you'll be glad you did.

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